About us

David Varnai

Co-Founder, Chief Disruptor 

A driven entrepreneur, eCommrece, and Digital Leader with an overall 20+ years of experience in various business models, I have a true passion for business. I love numbers and building systems. People, process, technology, and output optimization are my forte which carry into my weekend on the thriving hobby farm I run with my wife and two young children. 

I have earned the respect of business leaders by generating growth and challenging the status quo. I learned to identify opportunities and champions strategic initiatives that drive transformative business improvements.

Having broad experience and understanding of B2B and B2C marketing and eCommerce strategies, I leverage a good blend of creativity, broad business acumen, and analytical insights to consistently deliver growth by transforming vision into reality.

In the last 20 years, I've worked in leadership roles at some of the leading brands in the eCommerce space. As Head of Marketing/Growth/eCommerce, I built and mentored marketing teams and was responsible for driving hundreds of millions in online revenues and built two companies in the Service Industry as a founder and investor.

Now I lead IoliteVentures and act as an Advisor & Investor to a number of early-stage startups, Private Equity Groups, and established brands.

Thomas Petitjean

Co-Founder COO

I am a multifaceted professional with a passion for Digital product development, SEO, and beyond. As a British French native, I currently reside in Vancouver, Canada, relishing the beauty of this city alongside my newly wedded wife.

My journey in the digital landscape began with web development, shaping me into a skilled technical enthusiast. Along the way, I discovered a love for teaching and sharing knowledge, which led me to delve into academia as a trainer.

Nevertheless, it was the captivating world of SEO that truly sparked my fire. My expertise in search engine optimization strategies and best practices grew exponentially, culminating in the privilege to lead the SEO practice at Best Buy Canada. I played a pivotal role in driving organic traffic and bolstering the company's online presence in Canada.

As my journey unfolded, I embraced new challenges and transitioned into product management at Properly, a venture-backed real estate marketplace. There I honed my skills in data-driven decision-making and utilized my technical and marketing proficiency to contribute to the development of their platform.

Beyond my technical acumen, I have deep expertise in marketing and financial analysis which have been instrumental in shaping my career trajectory and the founding of IoliteVentures. I play the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at IoliteVentures. In this capacity, I bring operational expertise, and leadership qualities to empower our exceptional team of experts. Together, we work towards driving our ventures to new heights of success.

A bootstrapped approach

We are resourceful and focus on finding ways to minimize expenses while maximizing revenue. We treat your money like our own. We apply creativity, and adaptability, as well as a willingness to take calculated risks and learn from mistakes.

ROI focused

Our approach follows the “Three-Bucket Strategy”. Acquisition, Retention, and Growth. Ultimately aimed at getting you the ultimate growth and ROI.

We'll get all up in your business

We take a keen interest in every aspect of your enterprise. By gaining a deeper understanding of your business, we can more effectively cater to your objectives and business economics.